Saturday, April 01, 2006

Catching up

Well not really catching up. Just getting back to the blog. I've been working more in clay this winter. I've loved my cloth dollmaking, but missed working in clay after having been a potter for several years. It's so much nicer working in polymer and air-dry clays, less mess, shorter and less labor intensive finishing times, etc. And less studio space required for working, too.
And I did another egg! Grasshoppa(Jeff) had a challenge for his students, and wonder of wonders, my egg won! How surprising and how nice! I received a lovely crystal bowl on a golden stand as first prize and some nice encouragement from the judge....and Jeff. I hope to do more eggs soon.
But my first love this winter has been the sculpting. Working with some online friends, learning as we go, has been very motivating. I've taken a couple of online classes and hope to have the results from those classes to show soon. I work slowly, but I work!!!!