Sunday, February 18, 2007

Uglee socks

My friend, Carole has encouraged(bullied??) me to learn to knit socks. Not having done any knitting in lo, these many years, I was hesitant, but determined. So here are my first efforts and they are far from beautiful, but wonder of wonders, they fit! Now I'm so flush with my success (Heh-heh!) I'm signing up for a class in sweater knitting! Is that courageous....or just fool-hardy? Carole you've created a monster...or maybe worse.


Sherry's project for the weekend on our dollmaker's list was a mini-tuffet, or pin cushion made from a tuna or similar can. I only had a can from some water chestnuts, but it was about the same size. A small pineapple tin would work as well. The can is decoupaged with tissue paper, and the poof(!) on top is a fabric circle gathered and stuffed with fiberfill. Velvet ribbon around the can and a decorative button on the side, three wooden balls for feet and there you have it!
So quick and easy, I think I'll make another one!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Cookbook Round Robin

Some friends and I have begun a round robin to swap recipes from our collections. These are some pages I've created to get my book started on its journey. There are thirteen of us, so this will take thirteen months to complete, but it will be fun to see each book as it arrives for me to add something to!