Friday, November 19, 2010

Bluebird sighting

This blog seems to have become my bird journal, so here's the latest on my backyard birdwatching.
Papa bluebird made a rare winter appearance today. I haven't seen much of him or his mate(nor any of their offspring) since the last fledging mentioned below. Once one of them made a fleeting visit to the birdbath, but nothing since until today. least I assume it was him...came to sit on the favorite perch at the end of the deck and watched the yard for awhile before he flew away. I don't know if he tried to look into the house...Roy had covered the opening with duct tape because some house sparrows had attempted to fit it out for a winter home....and you know how I feel about house sparrows! ;o) Up to now the bluebirds have not offered to seek shelter in it during the winter, so I didn't think they would mind if we closed it up til spring.
Anyway, it was nice to see him today, I hope he visits again. I miss the blues during the winter, even though the winter birds are fun to watch, too.

Well, I went to add this to my Bluebird Journal and discovered that Papa, Mama, and a little field sparrow friend had visited the yard in early October (how could I have forgotten that?). However Papa was alone this time...maybe Mama and little friend migrated....