Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Photo of the Week

The theme this week was "I Made This", one of my own suggestions, and I'm not sure it was my best idea! I thought it might motivate me to get into my studio and actually make something new, or at least finish something old.....but did it?.....no....
So here, albeit a day late, is something I sculpted an age ago...well a couple of years ago, anyway. I was having so much fun working with polymer at that time along with Linda and some other online friends and I wish I had been able to continue with the sculpting. But for reasons I won't go into here (they're much too boring) I had to give that up along with some other things I loved doing. So here he is as he sits on a shelf in my studio. His dowel usually is stuck into a brass candlestick, so he enjoys a great position where he can oversee whatever I do in there (which isn't much lately).
I obviously did not make his glasses, but they suit him well I think.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Photo of the Week......Clouds

I'm late getting my Photo of the Week posted because my server has had some problems during our winter storms and the aftermath, so it has been difficult to receive or send messages and/or photos. Being snowed in is bad enough, but without internet???? One does get cranky!!!!!!!
Anyway, since our skies have displayed nothing but doom and gloom for much too long now, I'm having to bend the rules(if we have rules?) and use some photos I took during the summer. I was going through a watercolor "phase" and doing some cloud practices. I love this first photo where the framework of trees appears in silhouette and the clouds and fading sunlight become the focus.
The second shot is looking down the street that passes the front of my house. After almost 17 years in this house, I'm still fascinated by having so much open sky in this location. It's a pleasure to be able to appreciate not only cloud formations, but flocks of migrating geese a few times a year, a rare eclipse or meteor shower, and even the turkey vultures that frequently soar above the neighborhood looking for an easy meal.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Hearts and Flowers-Photo of the Week

Having been "treated" to a blizzard this past weekend, I took lots of snow pictures but I guess most of us are getting overloaded with those. However, this one comes very close to fitting this weeks theme. The snow that's blocking the entrance to this birdhouse on our deck railing (yes that is a birdhouse and it does not have a tall pointy roof..that's all snow) is heart shaped, don't you think? Anyway, we got 28-30 inches out of this storm and are promised up to 5 more inches later this week. I'd move south, but about mid-summer I'd be ready to move back to Maryland!

This was the photo I originally planned to post this week. My Christmas/Thanksgiving/Whatever cactus has decided it's a Valentine cactus instead! I've never had one bloom this late (or is it "early"?) before, but I appreciate it. I needed some color in my house this week!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Mulberry Tree at Sunset

Here's another shot of my little(not so little anymore actually) Mulberry tree as the sun is going down on the other side of the house. I love the color!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Photo of the Week-From my Window

As the sun sets on the opposite side of the house, it lends a golden glow to the trees in my backyard and especially to this graceful little Mulberry tree that I love. I don't usually care much for the Mulberries because they leaf out so late in the spring and lose their leaves so early in the fall. But this is the one I saved from destruction when the thicket back there was being cleared. It was just a twig and all bent over from the vines that had captured it, but I staked it up and demanded that it be given a chance to survive. I may have blogged about this before but some of you may have missed it. Anyway, I think it looks so pretty at this time of day. I took this on Friday of last week and we were "treated" to another snowstorm on Saturday. Below you can see some of the neighborhood birds that were happy to have something to eat during the storm. I filled up that feeder just in time!