Friday, August 09, 2013

These are four of my favorite people in all the world, Roy and the three "younguns". Roy is currently going through a battle with cancer and the children and grandchildren have all been very supportive, even though they all live at some distance away. Our neighbors have been wonderful, too. Two of them come across the road on their riding lawn mowers and mow this big old yard for us while Roy is recovering. He still has a second chemo series to complete, but we're hoping that this one will finish the job on his tumor.
 Otherwise, we still enjoy our bluebirds although I was very concerned about the nestlings during the horridly hot weather we had a few weeks ago. They did survive and apparently fledged successfully although I wasn't able to be here to see them go. We haven't had any new nest builders since then, but it's getting pretty late for that anyway.
 Unfortunately, I haven't been doing anything creative in awhile. I'm signed up for a Strathmore class next month though and I'm hoping that will motivate me. We'll see.