Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Hobby!

My friend, Carole suggested I try knitting socks, and although I haven't knitted for years and was never good at it, I did attempt a beginner pattern. Well! I soon discovered that I just wasn't ready for turning heels and dealing with gussets quite yet. So I found a pattern for leg warmers that looked easy enough, no increasing, decreasing, or any of that SSK or YO stuff! Just plain old K2, P2 at top and bottom and all knit in between! So here is one of the pair I've finished to keep my ankles cozy warm during these cold winter evenings in front of the TV.
Dear husband liked them so well, I got yarn to make him a pair and that's what I'm doing this week! Maybe I'll get up my courage to try the socks again after awhile. But I must get back to my dolls soon, too!