Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dress form in Progress

I've made a slow but sure start in Jean Bernard's Dress Form class, mounted the form on its base, apoxied the base with shapes that strongly remind me of banana leaves......not what I intended, but I decided to live with it! Gessoed the whole thing and painted with random strokes of about six different colors! What fun that was! I'm fashioning a finial of sorts to go on top, and the rest will get covered in variegated leaf. Then it will get some floral embellishment and then on to the second half of the class which will involved creating a garment for it. Jean incorporates myriad techniques within each project, so her classes are great for keeping your interest! Stay tuned!!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ghillie is home!

Our round robin is coming to an end, and my little Ghillie has come home from her travels! She started out as just a torso and head with a bit of an identity crisis...she wanted to be an elf, but decided that most elves seem to be male so she was helped along the way to develop her own true identity as a woodland faery!
Fran gave her hair, ear studs, and a lovely necklace. JudiW in her own unique fashion gave her a "crown of thorns" gourd cool is that? Sherry made her a darling little hat and a bodice for her bare little torso. Natalie gave her a much needed make-up job, some cool fairy wings, and some painted embellishments for her bodice.Then JudiA gave her the means to be able to stand on her own with a charming wire stand, embellished with her(Judi's) new favorite creative tool....Apoxie! She added more apoxie vines and flowers at her waistline. Finally Jandee created the most fascinating arms made of heavy wire and some kind of coil, with beautiful clay hands, and puffy sleeves at her shoulder! Is this not the most adorable faery you've seen lately??? Thanks, everyone, you did a most wonderful job, and I love her!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I know it's rarity, but I actually worked on dolls this week! Our Colorful Journey round robin is drawing to a close after all these months and I've received what are probably the last two I will get to work on for this RR. It's always hardest to decide just what to do for the first doll you receive in a round robin....and to find something....anything! do to the last dolls, because they seem so complete after they've received the creative touches of all the other participants. I was just about to show you photos of the two I'm getting ready to mail, but I suppose that might just spoil the surprise for their owners! I know, that's really mean of me, but I promise to post pictures as soon as they have time to get back home!
Meantime, my muse seems to have kicked back in with a vengeance. I'm currently working on Jean Bernard's Dress Form class, and will hopefully have photos of that WIP to show soon, too. And I just signed up for an online journaling class over at Cre8it which starts the 28th. I've done some journaling from time to time, but this class will perhaps motivate me to include some drawing and watercolor on my pages.....and perhaps keep me from getting bored with it so quickly. I love reading others' journals filled with sketches and drawings, don't you? Doesn't matter whether they draw beautifully or just seems more personal with illustrations.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Almost Spring!

Well, it's almost spring in Maryland anyway. Not that we might not get more winter before the month is often happens here....but we had a 70 degree day yesterday and it's in the upper 60s today, so I'm savoring it while it lasts!
I am SO remiss in not posting this photo earlier. I posted it to my group lists, but neglected to "blog it", so I'm doing a "mea culpa" now and showing you the wonderful ATDs that I got from dear Jacque in Iowa. She does the most unique ATDs ever, and I keep mine hanging on my computer desk to enjoy everyday. I got the demure lady in green several months ago from Jacque, and she sent me the handsome brave for a swap we made on our sculpting group. Aren't they a darling couple??? Thank you Jacque, they make me smile every morning!
p.s. I'm sorry the photo isn't so great, I took it on such a dreary day I couldn't seem to get a good one.