Monday, June 14, 2010

Okay here's this week's theme...Black and White

Judy's chosen theme for this week, Black & White intimidated me a bit because I haven't made black and white pictures for many years. Of course, I could have gone an entirely different direction with this theme, but chose to try my hand at B&W photos. So here are some that I played with in my photo program. It was fun, but oh my, I do miss my color!!!!

Heirloom.......only a week late!

Better late than never? I'm having some trouble finding something that will look well in black and white for this week's theme, so I'm catching up with last week's theme which was "Heirlooms". This is the only thing I really wanted from my MIL's things and I felt fortunate to get it. Well, there was a set of dishes that I would love to have had, but they very rightly went to her daughter. I did get another set of her dishes, which is nice and one of my daughters will love to inherit it eventually.
Now to go look some more for something to post in B&W!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Photo a Week, Things with Wings

Only in Texas! (I can say that because I grew up there!)
This is just too funny and I couldn't resist. I just got this in an email today. It's from a group of these structures (can you guess what it is?) being exhibited in Texas and I realized it fits the theme for this week perfectly, solving my dilemma over what to post!
I am late this week, partly because of the holiday, and mostly because I'm cranky. We are without air-conditioning (our central air bit the dust last week) and the temperatures are hovering just under and just over 90 degrees for the past several days. We've been promised a fix by this afternoon and I think my husband is grateful for that. Even coming from the hot dry climate in Texas, I still cannot tolerate heat! Oh, and to add to the stress, our two electric fans which were supposed to keep me from sweltering during the night are on the blink, too! Thank goodness for ceiling fans in other parts of the house!