Sunday, May 29, 2011

Today's Musing

No photos today, but I needed to post something here, I've been so bad about keeping up with this blog. On the bird front, we have a bluebird sitting on five beautiful blue eggs now after an unusual beginning. She built one nest, but then apparently changed her mind and abandoned it, so I cleaned out the house. Papa kept guarding the house however, so eventually she returned, and before I realized it had laid five little eggs. And in the "wren house", after winning out over the chickadees, the little wren hardly ever showed up, or at least I seldom saw her. And again, she apparently laid some eggs...I have no idea how many because it's difficult to see into this little house. But she is currently also sitting on eggs and I see both her and the female bluebird peeking out the doorway occasionally to get a breath of air in this heat. We're close to 90F today and are supposed to get up to 93 or better tomorrow. Summer just couldn't wait.
Otherwise, I'm fighting an infestation of ants in my house. I battled them last year and thought I had won out, but they're back again now. I cleaned my kitchen counter and cupboards good least where I keep food, and sprayed bug barrier all around everywhere I could think to spray. We have a professional man coming soon (I hope) to spray around the foundation, but I'm not sure when. If he doesn't come soon, I may have to be committed....I'm going crazy!!!!!!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

New on the bird front

Not a great photo, but I had to take it through the window which isn't very clean right now. This is a little old birdhouse Roy built from some scrap lumber some years ago. He hung it at the corner of the garage this year just to see if it would attract any birds. First a wren showed some interest yesterday and began carrying in tiny bits of nesting materials. She was well on her way to getting a nest built when a pair of chickadees appeared with some interest of their own in the house. Today they began going into the house, bringing out the nesting material the wren had brought in, in preparation for building a nest of their own. The wren has not given up so far. She waits patiently until the chickdee(s) leave, then brings in another beak full of materials. Roy said to just let them work it out on their own, but it's hard for me not to go out and protect the little wren's interest! I love the chickadees, but I was hoping to get to watch a wren raise a family. We'll see who wins out eventually.