Wednesday, January 09, 2008

January duties

Since I've been in a creative SLUMP since Christmas, or to be more honest, since Thanksgiving if not sooner I decided to take drastic measures. So-o-o I've started cleaning....not just rearranging, but CLEANING, my studio, including that horror pit, the closet!! I took one large trash bag of junk out yesterday, and have another one almost full now, and that's just the tip of the iceberg! I still have three grossly overloaded shelves to do....and that's only one side of this double closet!
This is mostly dollmaking "stuff", and I'm not making dolls much these days so I need to sell or give away much of this material as soon as I decide on the best way to do that. There are also other materials, including a large plastic bin full of weaving yarn from those days when I had visions of becoming a master (ha!) weaver, wire and other materials from all those crafting projects I've toyed with. Not to mention all the books I've collected through the years......sigh.......
This is all due to Roy's new vow to throw out something from his equally overstuffed office everyday since the holidays. Made me feel so guilty I had to start doing the same...and I got carried away, I think!
More on this later on.