Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday snowstorm

The photo isn't so great, but it's hard to focus through the snow falling. It just started an hour or so ago when I took this, but the birds seem to think we're going to get a lot. We always have birds at the feeders, but this morning it looks like they've called in all the uncles and cousins to tank up before the snow covers the ground. At the thistle feeder we usually get only a couple of goldfinches at a time during the winter, but this morning there are eight of them vying for a place at the feeder where there are only six perches. Take turns, guys......

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

EDM Challenge 4

EDM Challenge 4
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This is a drawing I made last year of one of those mugs (below) for a challenge on my drawing list.

Monday POTW..a day late

This Monday's theme was "Favorite Coffee Mug" and I had a difficult time choosing one mug among the many I've collected through the years. This is one of a set of mugs and plates I bought from a fellow potter many years ago. I love the colors and the delightful graphics she did on her pieces and have enjoyed using them frequently. Just wish I had bought more of them!

Another view of the same mug. I drink coffee from it occasionally, but I like the size for a cup of soup as well. The wide mouth makes it perfect for eating a warm creamy soup.

This is one of my current favorites for morning coffee however. I picked up a couple of these when we spent a week at the Outer Banks with my daughter and her family last year. It's a perfect size for my morning pick-me-up! When I was younger, I just couldn't stand the sight of food first thing in the morning. Then when I was about 19 or so, my mother talked me into trying a cup of coffee one morning, and I discovered that the warm coffee relaxed my stomach and I learned to really enjoy a good breakfast. Made my mother so-o-o happy!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Photo of the Week - Shadows

The theme for this week's challenge was "shadows" and since yesterday was dark and gloomy, I set up this still life with a spotlight to get some pretty red shadows indoors. Not great, but not terrible, I guess.
However as I walked past my studio door this morning and saw the sunlight streaming in the window I was thrilled to see some "real" shadows! Lots better, don't you think? Thanks, Linda, for a fun challenge!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Photo of the Week

Something New was the theme for this week and these were two of my Christmas gifts. Red Shoes from my daughter and her family, warm lightweight wool scarf from my son and his family. Both of which I am thrilled with! I've developed an obsession with red shoes lately and these are the brightest red shoes I've ever had, I love them! Won't they look great for spring?
I thought the scarf was lovely and decorative, but I had no idea how warm it would be. Our heat pump is having a difficult time keeping our house warm during this extreme weather we're having so I wore this scarf under a heavy sweater all day long yesterday and was warm as toast!

Now this is one of my frequent backyard visitors. On these cold snowy mornings he brings his whole family to breakfast on the birdseed I scatter. I've put up squirrel baffles so they can't get to the feeders, but I scatter plenty on the ground for the squirrels and the birds who ground feed. I love watching them vie for spaces at the "table".

Monday, January 04, 2010

Phtoto of the Week 2010!

Happy Birthday dear husband! Today is his actual birthday, but we had his party on Saturday so all the children (well Deni and Dennis have been sick and were not well enough to come this time) and grandchildren could be here for it. We had a great party, had the food sent over from one of my favorite restaurants so this old lady wouldn't have to do the cooking for this one. The children collaborated on a parody of the Sponge Bob theme for him:

G is for grandpa - he's the greatest
R is for republican
A is for anywhere and anytime at all - I'll go pet my pelican
N is for nectar or maybe it's motor oil
D is for dare you to drink it
P is for plenty of bottles in the basement that we hope will never spoil
A is for amazing - yes he's amazing and he's the birthday boy - he is our Grandpa, he is our father and he's your husband Roy!!!

Now I don't think I've ever heard the Sponge Bob theme so I was totally in the dark about singing this and you may be too, but take my word for it, everyone else at the party knew it and Grandpa got a huge kick out of having it sung for him!
The kids all went together and arranged two hours of flight time for him at one of the local airports. Roy used to fly small airplanes but had to give it up a few years ago, so he's looking forward to going up again....but as co-pilot this time!
We're all looking forward to celebrating his 90th with him!!!! Happy Birthday, Dear!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Birthday Cake

Next week, my husband will be celebrating his 80th birthday and the children and grandchildren will mostly all be here to join the party this weekend. Fortunately a new bakery just opened up not too far from us so I was able to order a special cake for him. The bottom two layers are white cake and the top two are Grand Marnier layers....yum!....and it's all frosted with chocolate ganache. I would have chosen white lettering, but forgot to mention it on my order, so we got red instead. But that's sort of festive anyway, don't you think?