Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Photo a Week

Theme for this week is "something odd or funny" and who is funnier than ScoobyDoo?
And the fact that I have him sitting on my computer desk could be categorized as odd, considering my advanced age and the fact that I never, ever, watch ScoobyDoo!
But my dear husband came home from running errands with this for me. It was LONG after Halloween, so I'm assuming it was on a sale table somewhere. For Valentines Day he brought me two little candy boxes with a darling little teddy bear atop each one....I like those better! LOL!

But I keep ScoobyDoo on my computer table for now, so DH won't feel hurt that I didn't like his gift!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Photo a Week - Reflections

Now before you think I'm dotty this morning (well you may be right about that, but that's another post....), I'm using a different take on "reflections", okay? I have been "reflecting" upon the joy we took in watching the antics last summer of a baby rabbit whose mother gave birth to him in a hole underneath one of our storage sheds and hoping we'd have a similar delight this year. Well, no baby rabbits as of yet, but yesterday evening this young fellow appeared at the back of the yard, near the old rabbit hole, and this morning he came close to the back steps as the baby last year used to do frequently. Then he hopped off around behind the deck, just as the little one did. So I am assuming that this is our baby rabbit with a year's growth on him. He's still not fully grown, but I feel certain it's the same bunny. I am so happy to see him!

And here is a new visitor...or I should say a visitor not usually seen so close to my window. I put this cute little bird bath on the deck railing a month or so ago, put some water in it and waited to see the birds coming to drink. Nothing......
So I decided to try some seed in it, and attracted only squirrels for awhile. But this fellow showed up a couple of days ago and although I don't usually like to see them in the yard I had to admire his beauty and was happy to get this shot before he flew away.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nest building

Serious building has begun. The pair have both been adding a twig or two to the nest from time to time, but until today I haven’t seen any frequent activities toward that end. This was Papa bringing a twig earlier, Momma flies in and out so quickly I can't get a photo of her. They’ve been on guard at some point during each day and have discouraged visitors from time to time. But this morning Momma has been going back and forth to the neighbor’s yard to gather pine needles for her birthing bed. She has been appearing at least a couple of times a minute with a new twig or two to add to it. The male peeks in to see her progress and if she isn’t in the house he might pop in to check more closely. But when she comes back, she goes in and chases him out. I think it must be nearing egg-laying time for her. I do hope they’ll have a successful season.