Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nest building

Serious building has begun. The pair have both been adding a twig or two to the nest from time to time, but until today I haven’t seen any frequent activities toward that end. This was Papa bringing a twig earlier, Momma flies in and out so quickly I can't get a photo of her. They’ve been on guard at some point during each day and have discouraged visitors from time to time. But this morning Momma has been going back and forth to the neighbor’s yard to gather pine needles for her birthing bed. She has been appearing at least a couple of times a minute with a new twig or two to add to it. The male peeks in to see her progress and if she isn’t in the house he might pop in to check more closely. But when she comes back, she goes in and chases him out. I think it must be nearing egg-laying time for her. I do hope they’ll have a successful season.


Jennifer Rose said...

thats great they are getting everything together :D

BumbleVee said...

I've got a big fat redbreasted robin marching up and down my patio wall again this year... I think it must be the same couple that built a nest in the juniper on the o ther side of the wall. Right beside the BBQ... where they get quite ticked at us making any smoke... guess we'll have to drag it further away ... when we need to use it....silly birds.... and sillier us I guess...but, can't be smoking out the little ones!

Linda Fleming said...

The bluebird excitement begins! Hope they start nesting soon!