Saturday, April 26, 2008

One More flower

I couldn't resist posting this photo of my pitiful little orchid plant that I have neglected so badly all it's life. It's sorely in need of repotting but when it blooms so beautifully as you see here, I'm afraid I'll kill it if I disturb it. I should take it to the garden center and get them to do it for me.

More flowers

As I explained in the entry before, these reference photos for some drawings I hope to get done in the near future, with the cooperation of a muse that tends to desert me at the most inconvenient times. The first is a patch of what I believe are grape hyacinth at the foot of what appears to be a giant paw! It's actually the base of a poor twisted mulberry tree that was distorted by invasive vines in its early years. My husband spent the first several years after we moved in clearing the vines from this part of the yard.
This next one is of some flowers that appear in a couple of places in my yard, but whose identity is still a mystery to me. That's the joy of buying an older home that belonged to someone who is a much better gardener than I am! I get all kinds of lovely volunteer blooms each spring without lifting a finger!

Again, I can't seem to get the photos placed as I'd like, so I'll try again another time. Have a great weekend!


I've been enjoying an online journaling class that has renewed my interest in drawing/sketching, so I've been taking some photos of the flowers that appear in my yard each year, hoping to get some of them into my journal before my muse deserts me again.
These are the lovely tulips that volunteer every year. We've been in the house for 15 years now and they were here when we came.
Here is the lovely pink dogwood that hides my dining room window, but it's so lovely in the spring that I wouldn't dream of removing it!
I'll add more photos in a new post since I can't yet figure out how to get them placed where I want them. I hope I'll have some drawings to show soon.


Thursday, April 03, 2008

I've Been Tagged

My Vegas friend Fran has tagged me and I must think of 5 things to tell about myself (that you don't already know).........hmmmmmmm, let me see.......

1. I'm totally addicted to books. I feel that if I can read a book about it, I'll be able to do it! Which of course isn't necessarily true, but I keep trying, to the tune of three bookcases, two built-in book shelf units and one double closet filled with the evidence!
2. I hate to shop! I think it happened when stores began to place their garment racks so close together you could hardly walk between them and it became difficult to see what you were looking for. Except for shoes......I always loved to shop for shoes, and still do! But........
3. I wear a size 7 1/2 narrow shoe and stores don't often carry that size anymore, especially in the very fashionable casual shoes that look so stylish now.
4. I enjoy many different aspects of the craft world, and have projects in the works now involving sculpting, journaling, knitting, dollmaking at the moment, but that's always on the back burner.
5. I'm a procrastinator. Projects often intimidate me until I plunge in and begin. Then the flood gates open and I enjoy every moment of the process.

Okay, that's my five confessions. Now to find five more, tag!!!