Saturday, March 15, 2008


I know it's rarity, but I actually worked on dolls this week! Our Colorful Journey round robin is drawing to a close after all these months and I've received what are probably the last two I will get to work on for this RR. It's always hardest to decide just what to do for the first doll you receive in a round robin....and to find something....anything! do to the last dolls, because they seem so complete after they've received the creative touches of all the other participants. I was just about to show you photos of the two I'm getting ready to mail, but I suppose that might just spoil the surprise for their owners! I know, that's really mean of me, but I promise to post pictures as soon as they have time to get back home!
Meantime, my muse seems to have kicked back in with a vengeance. I'm currently working on Jean Bernard's Dress Form class, and will hopefully have photos of that WIP to show soon, too. And I just signed up for an online journaling class over at Cre8it which starts the 28th. I've done some journaling from time to time, but this class will perhaps motivate me to include some drawing and watercolor on my pages.....and perhaps keep me from getting bored with it so quickly. I love reading others' journals filled with sketches and drawings, don't you? Doesn't matter whether they draw beautifully or just seems more personal with illustrations.


Shashi Nayagam said...

Look forward to the pictures MaryO its about time you showed us your beautiful work. Its too long a break. I love your work so.

Linda Fleming said...

Oh you tease, Mary! But I look forward to seeing pictures of these dolls after the owners get them back.

Your journaling with illustrations sounds wonderful! Will we get to see photos of it, too?

Yvette said...

So glad your muse has come back!
I can't wait to see your doll! :o)
You will be showing us pictures - Yes? :o)

Jacque Uetz said...

Mary O. so glad to see your long time RR is coming to an end and looking forward to seeing the finished dolls..Good to hear you found your muse,so many of us lost this winter!! Yes!! I love sketches, drawings, pic's etc so hurry!!:)