Friday, November 04, 2005

More sculpting

I recently took an online class with Jean Bernard, a very fine artist who works primarily in Apoxie Sculpt. This is my handmade journal I did under her tutelage. The covers are done in Apoxie Sculpt...the face is polymer. Other than a slight change in the binding and a different treatment of the beading along the spine, this is essentially what the finished book looks like. The inside pages are handmade papers, but so far they're all blank!

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SympleTymes By:SherrieNordgren said...

Hi Mary just had to let you know how much I enjoyed your Journal cover,It is gorgeous!
I want to try my hand at Fiber Art..Fabric Post Cards, Act's,collages ,just haven't gotten up the nerve,Think I will look for a beginners online class,Please keep posting Mary and creating,Your sooooo talented
hugs Sherrie Nordgren