Sunday, December 18, 2005

It's that time again!

Another Christmas.....where does the time go??? This is our tree in the living room. We usually open gifts here with the family on Christmas morning. But this year we'll spend Christmas day with Rob and family in Virginia along with Deni and Dennis. Lisa and her family can't make it this year. They were here for Thanksgiving and usually come on New Year's for a second Christmas with us. But they have so much going on now with Gill in college and the girls going up to New York for Christmas, it just gets too difficult to juggle everything. I hope they'll come later.
Meantime I've packed up all their gifts to ship tomorrow. They may not get there in time for Christmas but they'll be there by the time the girls get back from NY hopefully. I'm really going to miss having them all here at sometime during the holidays.
Sooooo, no one will be here to see my trees....I have a smaller one in the sunroom that holds my pin dolls and some other favorite ornaments. I put my favorites in there because I see that tree all day long, whereas the one in the living room stands all by itself in the other part of the house and I only see it passing through on the way to my studio or something. I've done some other decorating too, and had planned to go cut greens to embellish with, but since no one will be here to see them, I think I'll just let that go.
I wish you the merriest Christmas ever, and hope the New Year brings you many blessings!


Isabella said...

Mary, your tree is gorgeous! Do I see a santa under the tree? Is it one of your gourd santas?
I hope you and Roy have a lovely Christmas!
Love and hugs,
Linda and Isabella

Bear said...

your Xmas tree is gorjas- I wil need to look earlier this year to see wot your tree looks like in 2006!
love n hugs bear xoxoxo