Saturday, March 14, 2009


My dear friend, Sherry Goshon, has given me the Sisterhood Award and I have to tell you I'm very touched by this. I grew up with brothers and no sisters, so to me, "sisterhood" has an especially significant and almost mystical meaning. I value my women friends as extended family and feel very lucky to have had many during my lifetime...and some of them I've only met online. However, I've been fortunate to have worked in person with both Sherry and her mom, Jacque Uetz, (as well as her talented brother Scott) and I have them to thank for opening up a whole new creative field for me some years ago. Thank you Sherry, love, I will work on nominating some other "sisters" when I've been awake long enough to gather blog addresses!

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Sandy said...

Yeah a sister, you can start a sisterhood.