Monday, August 03, 2009

Are we in Kansas???

Has anybody seen Toto????
This was the aftermath of a storm that roared through our area Friday afternoon. We had 50 or 60 mph winds, but were luckier than some places west of us who had stronger ones with lots more damage. Roy will take his time clearing up these trees and give the larger logs to our neighbor who has a wood burning fireplace. I hate losing trees, but felt fortunate that nothing fell on the house!


HElen said...

Sorry for the broken trees.
e had some tornados here also but we lost just a few small branches and cable :) but our neighbour - he lost some trees, they have been split in a half.

Serena said...

i don't look forward to our summer storms for that very reason...they can cause extensive damage. i'm glad a tree didn't fall on your house...and that you're okay.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Mary,

I am back and catching up on everyone's blogs.
Sorry to hear about the storm that passed through where you live. :(
You were really lucky that the tree didn't fall on the house.
Keep safe and hugs,

Michelle Eaton said...

At least you are ok and there wasn't too much damage done. How scary. I hate storms.

Linda Fleming said...

I am so thankful you didn't have any damage done to your house, and that you and Roy are okay. That must have been some angry storm.

Anonymous said...

We just had the same type of storm here yesterday, lots of damage of power lines, trees down and house fires. It went around us though. Glad your okay!!

Sandy said...

Wow, some storm...lots of clean up. I feel for you!