Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Not much new today

Nothing new to report it seems. This is the view of the backyard from my window near my computer. You can barely see on the left the bluebird house, and on the right the covered feeder for the other birds. The bluebird eggs should be hatching soon, if they're going to. She has been incubating them for fourteen days today, so it's time. She seemed to spend a lot of time off the eggs themselves, peering out the door, or flying off to have lunch or whatever, so I do hope they will hatch.
The wren in the little house I posted earlier(she did win out over the chickadees who tried to invade) has babies in there now and I see her coming and going to bring food to them. Wish I could see inside the house! I'll hopefully get to see them fledge if I keep watch though.


BumbleVee said...

Somehow we need to be able to set up a mini-cam inside the nest houses! That would give us some inside info and great pics!

MaryO said...

I've seen those mini-cams inside bird houses on the web, but this little house is just too small. I want to get Roy to build another one with a door we can open to clean it (and to peek inside now and then!)