Saturday, May 13, 2006


Saturday musings~~
Sometimes it's fun to do something just for the fun of it! My Red Hat Egg Lady is from an online class with Kathryn Walmsley and she really isn't an egg. She's an egg-shaped gourd the size of an extra large chicken egg. Her face is sculpted in paper clay and her hair is apoxie sculpt, as are her legs. She was too shy to lift her skirt for the photo, but she's wearing a beaded bikini under her tutu with beaded fringe you can just see peeking out under there.
She's pretty smug about her risque outfit..........


Linda said...

I just love this sculpt, Mary! She is so delightful, and looks just full of herself. She makes me smile- love her!

katiejayinpa said...

This is my self portrait! this doll. I was thinking she looked rather pleased and a tad embarrassed at the same time......ggggg..with a sort of, "yes, this is what i am wearing to the pta meeting, how do you like it????" look.


katiejayinpa said...
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Bear said...

oh sweet Mom - I love this sculpt of yours- she is a true red hat lady - even if she is too shy to show her underthings I bet they is gorjs- as the stuff on top sure is!!
love n hugs bear xoxoxox