Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Grandsons' escapades

It has been an eventful month for my dear grandsons. First, Alex in Virginia, twelve (almost thirteen, mind you), had a fall and broke his collarbone. As grandmas are prone to do, I was very worried about him because it was very painful. We don't like to see our loved ones in pain, even if we "see" them from a distance of a couple of hundred miles! But he has seen an orthopedic doctor and been given a good prognosis, so maybe his entire summer won't be a total loss. He's going to Boy Scout camp to work on his merit badges, but just won't be able to participate in many of the more vigorous activities. And he may join the chess club at his local library, I'm told. Mom and Dad are seeing to it that he isn't awfully bored during his recovery!
And now the younger grandson in New Jersey, Kenny, who is nine years old, has just begun a six week summer camp experience on a college campus up there. First time away from home and having a great time. They get to choose which activities they want to participate in each day so it should be a lot of fun for him. So far he has chosen wrestling and archery. And he's learning to swim. He spends 5 days and four nights at camp and goes home for weekends. I'm so anxious for this to be a positive experience for him!

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Linda said...

Those grandkids are always on our minds, aren't they? I hope Alex's collarbone heals quickly and he gets to enjoy some of his summer. Sounds like Kenny is having a terrific summer! I think camp can be so good for kids. Don't worry, too much, Grandma Mary- I betcha' your grandsons are going to do just fine this summer. ;)