Monday, July 31, 2006

Sculpt is finished

Well, I think she's finished! I trimmed her hat with apoxie roses and some beads on the other side. I dyed a silk rose and gave it a coat of PearlEx gold interference and varnish...that's at her waist or thereabouts. She looks very demure, but I think she must be pretty bold to wear that LOW cut gown, don't you?


Kai said...

She's absolutely beautiful, Sweet Mary! If she had a name it would surely be Serenity. I just love the way she came out!

Linda said...

Oh, Mary! She is amazing! I didn't think she coud get any more beautiful, but now seeing her with the embellishments I am blown away. She is smashing, my friend!

JudiA said...

Your embellishments are just the right finishing touch for her. She is a piece *I* would display with pride. And I don't think she's too bold -- it would be a shame to hide such a perfect figure. She's beautiful Mary.



Cherie said...

Mary, she's just lovely! I have enjoyed watching her progess.
Beautiful! Just Beautiful! Cherie :)

Anonymous said...

She is perfect Mary O.,nothing more to say that hasn't already been said.

shashi said...

Mary she is beautiful you have given her just the right amount of embellishments. Well done.

katiejayinpa said...

Yes, I think she is a bit bold there with that perfect, but not risque.......and certainly beautiful! I agree with everyobne else on the embellishments...they are the perfect color, and the perfect size...all in all, i think you should mail this to me....write privately for my snail mail....VBEG.........oh, what's that you say, you want to keep her.......well, i hope she gets put in a show cause she will surely win.