Saturday, September 02, 2006

Egg Art!

I just had a lovely visit from my friend, Jeff K. (aka Grasshoppa/aka The Egg Man) from New York. He came down for a workshop at Eggcetera, Alice's shop in Easton, and came up to my studio to work on eggs and other crafty things with me while he was here! He brought me this amazingly beautiful emu egg which opens up to become a "trinket" box lined in velvety fabric. Gorgeous!!!
It also contained a beautiful lapel pin made from a piece of eggshell. I didn't get a photo of it yet because I was wearing it when we took these shots. He also brought me several other eggs to work on myself, emu eggs, goose eggs and a tiny little egg to make a pendant with. So much generosity in one young man! My creative muse is going to get a real workout in the next months with all I want to do now. I have some paper dolls to embellish that my friend Linda has designed, and a couple of round robin dolls to complete and send out, and now the eggs to play with! Life is good!!


Fran said...

Love & Hugs

Isabella said...

Mary, that egg is gorgeous! What a wonderful gift. I know you and Jeff must have had a wonderful time together.
Linda F from FL

Kai said...

Oooooooh! Sweet Mary, that is a lovely, lovely egg! Your friend must be a sweetheart! And TALENTED! Send him right on down to Houston! I wanna play 'CREATE' with him, too!

Jacque Uetz said...

Mary O. the egg is beautiful.What a very unique gifts..!!