Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Drawing with clay

I've been doing some face "masks" in polymer to use for making molds, which I will then use, hopefully, in dolls or other projects where I just need a face for embellishment. Don't these look spooky with their blank eyes glaring at you!!!
This is a very quick and easy way to practice sculpting faces, akin to drawing on paper in my opinion. I start with a flat oval of cardboard and create the face on that. They go very quickly unless I get hung up on trying to get the eyes right! Then when the mold is made and I pull a face from that, I can add the back of the head if it's to be used for a doll, or simply adhere it to whatever base I'm using for my project.
This is a journal cover I did in an online class with Jean Bernard, using just a face "mask" for embellishment. The base and the vines and berries are all Apoxie Sculpt, but the face is polymer.


Kai said...

Oooooo! You made MORE! Beautiful! And I LOVE your journal cover! I'm going to be taking Jean's class next month! That gives me some insight into what the results will be! (Needless to say, mine won't be anywhere close to yours, but I mean ... you know! LOL!) Your molds are going to be useful to you in so many way! GOOOOOD job!

JudiA said...

Looking good Mary! I am going to be taking Jean's class next month -- I am excited now for it to start. Do you have any plans yet for the molds or are they like mine, more for a "some day I'll thing of something" thing?


Linda said...

Mary, your faces are wonderful! You have been a busy girl, haven't you. I hope to become more productive now that my company has gone home. that is if Mike doesn't keep me busy finishing the kitchen-LOL!
Linda F from FL.

katiejayinpa said...

these are great. Such good ideas for things to do.

Jacque Uetz said...

Mary O. love your face mask you are good!!!!!I like having them around too just pick up and start a doll hugs Jacque