Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Linda's new book!

This is a brand new release by my friend, Linda Fleming in Florida. It's a fabulous find for paper doll enthusiasts, art doll enthusiasts, paper art enthusiasts, well you get the picture. You can buy it with the dolls all printed on sturdy card stock, or you can get the instruction book with the dolls on CD so you can print off as many as you want. She gives instructions for embellishment and display as well. For more information and ordering, go to:
Wouldn't it make a great Christmas gift for someone you love? Or embellish a paper doll for a dear little girl you know!
Oh, and I should mention (well I WANT to mention!) I am the proud owner of the cover doll, The Empress, in all her beaded elegance! I'll try to get a good picture of her to share with you today. Thank you Linda!!! She's a treasure!

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