Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Empress

This is the cover doll from Linda Fleming's Not Your Mother's Paper Dolls, made and embellished by the author herself. I'm happy to be the proud owner of this lovely creation and she will soon be displayed in her own frame or shadow box....whichever she decides!


Judi said...

She is just lovely - lucky you!!!

Kai said...

She really IS lovely! We're all proud of our lil' Linda! She worked hard on the dolls & certainly on the book! I'm also GLAD you are the recipient of the Empress! She'll LOVE living with you!

Fran said...

WOOHOO!! MaryO, OOOOOOOOO! you are one lucky lady. She's FANTASTIC!!
Love & Hugs

Anonymous said...

How beautiful she is. Aren't you lucky! Three cheers to Linda she has done a marvelous job.

JudiA said...

I never would have believed paper dolls could be so wonderful. Lucky you!


Linda said...

Wow- how lucky am I to have the support of all you FDA family? I may not have much blood family, but you all sure fill the void. I am so touched and appreciative of all your support, dear Mary and FDA gals.
Love and Hugs-
Linda F from FL