Thursday, February 21, 2008

She's back!

The Muse, that is. At least she has made a brief appearance and I hope she'll stick around for awhile this time!
I signed on for a swap with my sculpting group to make a card for spring. We were to include at least one sculpted element along with three other media in the construction. I used paper, clay, fabric(canvas, actually) and micro-beads. The beads don't show up much in the photo unfortunately. Now I'm not much of a card maker, but I gave it my best shot. I won't show the inside so Jacque will have at least that much surprise when she receives it! I got carried away with the inside and it got pretty busy I'm afraid, but I know she'll forgive me! LOL!


Linda Fleming said...

Love the card! You did good, Miz Mary! Love how you spelled out Spring with the micro beads. Now we will have to wait for Jacque to show us the inside of the card!

Shashi Nayagam said...

What a beautiful card but then whatever you do Mary they turn out beautiful. You have the magical touch.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty Mary O. but then when it comes from you we all know to expect the best!!

Bear said...

the spring card is BEAUTIFUL and so looks like spring cant be far away can it??
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxox

Jacque Uetz said...

Mary O. I have swapped with you many times and always so please in return.This card is beautiful,it will be enjoyable having a touch of Spring in my life, I can't wait to see the inside..I still have those Magnolia napkins and dare anyone to use one roflol!!

Yvette said...

Wow when your muse comes back she does good!! LOL

Your card is beautiful!
I to like the way spring is written and the flower face is lovely!

Fran said...

MaryO, I love your card. Looks like a fun project. Lucky Jacque getting your card.
Love & Hugs