Monday, July 21, 2008


What a day we had yesterday! We've had bluebirds nesting in our yard several times over the years we've been in this house. But English sparrows discouraged them so much that they hadn't been here in 3 years or more until this year. We put up the house in a different spot, more convenient to the part of the house we spend the most time in, and were lucky to attract a nesting pair right away. The first set of eaggs didn't hatch, but the second ones did....born on the 4th of July! Four little bluebirds finally fledged yesterday afternoon (and evening). Sometime after lunch I noticed that mama and papa weren't coming to feed their babies anymore and were flying from tree to tree and perch to perch, just watching the nest box. We'd been seeing the little ones sitting at the door of the box and sort of hanging halfway out to look around for a couple of days, so I knew they'd be out soon. So we watched carefully until finally I saw one little baby pop out of the box, desparately flapping those little wings to get himself across the yard and into the tree. The next one went in the other direction and landed on the deck railing, but then he, too, flew across and into the tree. Number three got confused and flew toward the house and down behind the garbage can! We worried that we'd have to go rescue him, but he finally came out and got himself over to the tree, too. But number four just wasn't ready, and it took Mama and Papa over three hours to coax him out! I sat here and watched almost all that time....I couldn't bear to think they might abandon him if he wouldn't come out. But he finally did, around 7:00 as I recall, and Roy and I both applauded, and had a glass of Roy's latest batch of Merlot to celebrate! We loved having them here to watch, but we are both glad to have the freedom of our backyard back again. We sat out on the deck until about 9:00 enjoying the quiet. Haven't been able to do that for fear of disturbing the birds! And Roy can practice his golf swing out there again now, too! He's thrilled about that.
You can tell it doesn't take much to entertain the old folks!!!!!! But I already miss thosse babies.......wish I had a picture to show, but my camera wouldn't zoom far enough.


Linda Fleming said...

I love your bluebird story. And what luck to be present when they decided to take their first flight! Perhaps one of these babies will return next spring and raise its first brood in the same house where it was born.

john.p said...

Baby birds are mesmerizing, aren't they? Liked your story. I have an account, too, in my blogs about a nest of Northern Mockingbirds. My story didn't have as nice an ending, though. But while watching them I was surprised how engrossed I got in their struggle, like you.

BumbleVee said...

ohhhh.... how perfect that you were able to get pics of the bluebirds for the photo a day that I know the background it is even more poignant.... and just so you know...I would have been fretting and then applauding the babies too!