Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Monday Photo of the Week - Buttons

Sue's theme for this week is buttons and most of us who sew and/or do art work of various kinds have a varied collection of buttons so this should have been an easy one, right? I immediately thought of a pair of beautiful handmade ceramic buttons my daughter gave me at Christmas time some years ago and planned to use those as this weeks photo. Well, of course I couldn't find them. I see them regularly, going through my belongings looking for this or that, but when I really wanted to use them they've stayed hidden! So from my very generous and eclectic collection I've chosen a variety that I've collected while involved in one creative activity or another.
The first is a selection of buttons I bought thinking to use them as ornaments for cloth dolls I was making. The beaded one would have made a cute little doll hat!

This is a broach someone made for my mother-in-law which she eventually passed on to me. I thought it was pretty and cleverly done, but I never wore it.

I had ideas for using this last group during a period of collage and book altering I was into for awhile. Funny and sad, too, how so many of our ideas fall by the wayside and we're left with a lot of "flotsam" to dispose of at some later time.....sigh.


Serena said...

I've had that happen to me too, Mary...wanting to use something and unable to find it...so I'll use another item instead and then the original item I was looking for will show up a day or two later. The button brooch is lovely! I think it would look lovely on a cream or off white dress or blouse. Those hand buttons look cute too ~ :)

Jennifer Rose said...

i really like the silver and black buttons, very pretty :)

JudiA said...

Oh, how I know that story, LOL! And it's corrolary - while looking for something else, you find something you had forgotten you even owned. :-) Those hand buttons are certainly interesting - I would have liked to have seen what you had planned for them.

Anonymous said...

I am late making comments on last weeks photo's, somehow the week got away from me again. Love the buttons and the brooch is lovely.

It's ok to cry said...

my favorite is the hands...love the buttons..always Judy