Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Deck!

After 18 years, (and it was built long before we moved here) we're having our deck rebuilt! That's the old foundation you can see in one picture, and it's still in great condition, so we just have to do the upper portion since we aren't changing the configuration much. It's going slowly, but I'm looking forward to having a deck that I can walk on without tripping over large splinters that are breaking away from the flooring and railings that aren't warped and pulling away from the posts. That dry patch in the grass you see is from the drought we've been having for the past few months. A young rabbit loves to dig out a little space in the dirt to lie in when it's shady there.

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Shashi Nayagam said...

I am sure you will have some wonderful times on your deck. I know you must be looking forward to getting it complete. Love the photo of the fledgeling. You are so lucky you were able to witness it.