Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wren House Update

No picture today, but I should mention that we finally took the wren house down. After numerous visits dragging sticks and other debris into the house the wrens finally abandoned the nest. We waited as long as we deemed necessary, but after no activity there for a couple of weeks, and after the work on the new deck got underway and still no activity, we took the house down. I put the hummingbird feeder on that hook. It had been hanging over the deck railing but of course that's gone now. So far I haven't seen a hummer near it, though. The other birds were wary at first when the deck work began, but they're pretty well used to it now and many will still come to the feeders while the work is going on. More come in the evenings after the builder leaves for the day.


BumbleVee said...

We have a little bird bath just outside the patio wall and a small fountain inside the patio and the birds love them both. They do get sort of used to us especially the robins...but, inside the patio... only a few come when we are sitting out there. Sometimes a little chickadee comes and scolds us ....all the while playing and splashing in the fountain... I think if I was out there more they would come any old time.
The robins built a nest in the lilac just outside the wall too....but, after one particularly wild windstorm... I think they decided to abandon it. I reached up and took a picture into the nest to see if there were any Still there....all alone...... poor little thing.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Will you be putting it up at the same place next year.

MaryO said...

Shashi, I'll only put up another one for the wrens if Roy builds one that will easily opening for cleaning! (And for peeking inside at the eggs!) LOL!